Rochester Phoenix Martial Arts Training Hall, Welcome!

Now might be one of the best times to start training in the martial arts! I know, it sounds nuts. I mean, we are still experiencing a pandemic. Let me explain…

No Contact Benefits

Normally when you jump into a martial arts class, everything is hands on. You’re working with someone new, grabbing onto them awkwardly, and trying to follow the step by step instructions laid out by Coach / Sensei. It’s confusing, and many people have a hard time of it.

A Better Learning Experience

With our precautions in place to keep everyone healthy and safe, the learning curve for beginners has been made a bit less steep. Students are able to learn the step by step process on their own, without the pressure of another human. We’ve been creative about using tools and equipment to help you see the context of what you’re doing, while staying within regulation and keeping all our students healthy.

Rochester Phoenix Martial Arts is Clean and Sanitary

Because of our precautions and adherence to the state guidelines, our training hall is clean and sanitary. Surfaces are wiped down and disinfected. The floors are moped. Our equipment is wiped down. And finally, our mats are disinfected. This all happens between classes to keep you safe. So far, we haven’t had a single COVID exposure.

Fewer Illnesses and Infections

Everyone is taking precautions against COVID, and that is also resulting in fewer illnesses. No need to worry about skin infections, which are somewhat common in contact sports like Jiu Jitsu. Fewer people are also getting other illnesses like colds and the flu.

So give it a try! This is actually a great time for you to start. There are so many benefits to martial arts training, don’t let these crazy and unprecedented times get in the way of that.

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