Getting Back to the Gym After Covid

For many people the Covid plague had a major effect on their martial arts training. Going to the gym and rolling around with a bunch of people is the last thing you wanna do during a pandemic. However, the end is in sight. More people are getting vaccinated, and the Covid rates generally have beenContinue reading “Getting Back to the Gym After Covid”

How COVID 19 Has Affected Your Humble Training Hall

RPMA has had some rough times in the past, that’s for sure. Starting a martial arts school was one of the hardest things Brennan and I have done. COVID 19 has certainly thrown some difficulties our way. The Beginning of the Plague I still remember when news of COVID first hit. Empty shelves at Wegmans,Continue reading “How COVID 19 Has Affected Your Humble Training Hall”

Is Training During COVID-19 Safe?

After being quarantined for months, many people are wanting to get back out and start training. But is it safe? NYS did allow martial arts schools to reopen in July. This was part of Phase Four under the “Unorganized Sports and Recreation” category. However, they also provided guidelines for operating. Social distancing, masks, strict cleaningContinue reading “Is Training During COVID-19 Safe?”