MMA Training, Journey to the Cage

We as a school are very proud of Gabe and his MMA debut. There is something crazy special about the Rochester MMA events. The lights, the roaring crowd, the music that blasts as the fighters make their way to the cage, it all comes together to create a spectacular show. However, it’s the MMA trainingContinue reading “MMA Training, Journey to the Cage”

Rochester BJJ Community: The Importance of Finding a Hobby

Finding a hobby as an adult isn’t easy, but it is super important. Hobbies bring us together and help us forge friendships. Why should you consider trying out Jiu Jitsu as a hobby? Let’s take a look at the Rochester BJJ community: Jiu Jitsu Will Increase Your Fitness Much of our day to day lifeContinue reading “Rochester BJJ Community: The Importance of Finding a Hobby”