Studying Outside of Classes

Studying outside of class is a concept that not many new martial artists think about. However, if you are serious about your training, studying on your own time can have a lot of benefits. You will have a fuller understanding of the art, be able to understand concepts more quickly, and you may find things coming together more smoothly on the mat.

Effective Study Habits

At Rochester Phoenix Martial Arts, we recommend every student to get a notebook. At the end of each training session, students are encouraged to take down notes. Writing down techniques, concepts, and teacher commentary is extremely helpful. This helps students retain information, enjoy more of those “aha!” moments, and become more familiar with terminology.

Training Outside of Class

The average student can make two classes a week. This is perfectly fine for people who are looking to have their martial arts be a hobby. However, if you are on a fast track to black belt, looking to compete, or even looking to do some professional fighting, more training is going to be necessary. you may even find that you enjoyed the classes so much, that working on stuff you’ve learned on your own time is fun.

Hopefully, you have someone that can train with you. Many people start training in Jiu Jitsu with a friend or family member. You can also see if another student at your gym is willing to train with you. If none of these are options, there are plenty of tricks for solo training. Grappling dummies, video tutorials, and simple drills are all examples of good solo training.

Additional Resources

Not sure where to turn? Here are some resources to get you started:

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