Striking Program

If you’re looking for a high energy class that also teaches fighting skills, our striking program might be for you. Punching, kicking, and agility skills are essential for MMA. This program will also compliment other martial arts styles and fill in some gaps other arts may have. Striking is also great for stress management.

Class always starts with warm ups. These are physically challenging, although they do get easier in time. Jump ropes, shadow boxing, and other exercises are performed to get everyone ready for class. After warm ups there’s stretching. Flexibility is a key component to all martial arts, having a full range of motion will help you perform moves better as well as prevent injury.

After warm ups the lesson begins. Coach will go over the combinations and drills being practiced. Sometimes these are done on heavy bags, other times we may do them on Thai pads. They are also sometimes done with a partner so you have realistic reactions. Other drills like punching and / or kicking practice are also oftentimes a part of class. If you’re new, you’ll be partnered with a more experienced student who will help guide you.

The last few minutes of class there will be a cool down. Coach will ask for questions and go over the key points.

Contact us if you’d like to try out this program!

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