Rochester BJJ Community: The Importance of Finding a Hobby

Young adults are hanging out on the dojo floor

Finding a hobby as an adult isn’t easy, but it is super important. Hobbies bring us together and help us forge friendships. Why should you consider trying out Jiu Jitsu as a hobby? Let’s take a look at the Rochester BJJ community:

Jiu Jitsu Will Increase Your Fitness

Much of our day to day life is spent sitting down. Most of us drive to work, then we sit at work, we then sit on the drive home. With all that inactivity, it makes sense that your hobby be active. Jiu Jitsu will make you strong, you’re using your own body weight to develop strength. You’re also moving and manipulating your partner’s weight, which is a fun way to strength train. Moves are also drilled and repeated quickly, which makes for a vigorous cardiovascular workout as well.

Meet New People

There really is a whole Rochester BJJ community. You’re going to be working very closely with your partner in class. There’s also something unique about grabbing onto another human, shoving their arm across their face, and then choking them! You’ll find yourself training with people you wouldn’t normally associate with, and this is one of the great things about Jiu Jitsu.

The Mental Game

BJJ isn’t just about getting fit and in shape. There is also a huge mental component. This is an important part of a hobby. You want to be able to learn, research, and expand your mind on a topic. Most people who train Jiu Jitsu end up doing things like looking up videos on techniques, analyzing holes in their game, or taking notes. You’ll find that BJJ helps keep your mind sharp.

Financial Costs

Hobbies can get very expensive, but luckily that doesn’t have to be the case for BJJ! Find a reasonably priced training hall (such as RPMA!) After that, all you need is a uniform.

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