How Much do Martial Arts Cost? Pricing and Specials

We offer a range of options to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what program you want? Curious about how much martial arts cost? We can explain what programs are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.

martial arts students take off running
Martial arts classes for kids, teens, and adults


After your trial package, our rates are $95 / month. We work like a gym, there is one monthly fee and you can attend whatever classes you want.

Jiu Jitsu coaching while two martial arts students watch
Student focused martial arts and fitness

No Contracts

After your trial package, there is no obligation to stay. Once you decide to join we are a month to month membership. We simply need 30 days notice if you want to stop training.

Young men kick martial arts pads
Striking and grappling, learn a variety of skills


We offer a discounted rate of $80 / month to the following: military personnel, police, EMS, firefighters, teachers, students, seniors (60+), newlyweds, and parents with young children.

Get Started Today.

Complete Beginners Course (Best Value)


Free uniform ($80 value) Free Guest Introductory Course ($20 value)

1 Month Membership

Guest Introductory Course


One week trial, good for any classes

Expires one week after your first class

Fresh and Fit Introductory Course


Free Guest Introductory Course ($20 value)

1 Month Membership

Martial Arts Cost and Pricing

Price is always a factor in choosing a gym. The martial arts cost, especially in Rochester, can be surprisingly high. However, our rates are very competitive and we will work with you if you are having financial difficulties. The important thing is to choose a gym based on how well it works for you, not cost. Our training is designed for everyone, and we never want to turn someone away due to cost alone.

We do not have any hidden fees. Our monthly fee is it. There are no testing fees, association fees, mandatory equipment packages, or anything like that. We also do not limit how many classes you or your children can attend. If you want to come to every class on the schedule, you are free to do so!

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