MMA Training, Journey to the Cage

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We as a school are very proud of Gabe and his MMA debut. There is something crazy special about the Rochester MMA events. The lights, the roaring crowd, the music that blasts as the fighters make their way to the cage, it all comes together to create a spectacular show. However, it’s the MMA training that brings out the best in a fighter.

Start MMA Training

MMA needs two to three main areas of martial arts work. Most people are very good at one, and above average in the others . You need striking, grappling, and preferably throws / takedowns. Most people train in kickboxing or boxing. Some have strong backgrounds in a full contact Karate style. Gabe spent a year in China studying Sanda, which is Chinese kickboxing. He also trained here in Jiu Jitsu and Judo.

You Have to be Prepared to Train Your Hardest

Most people are shocked by the intensity of the training for MMA. You need to train as hard as you can, working skills, reflexes, strength, dexterity, and your mind. Gabe arrived at the training hall hours early to work on his drills. He did every class as well as additional training after. This kind of dedication is not always possible for everyone. Most people enjoy classes, but have other obligations keeping them from training for hours every single day.

The Weight Cut is a Part of MMA Training

It’s important to fight at a weight that makes sense. You want to be at the upper end of a weight class without going over. You also have to match weights with your opponent. Anyone who has ever had to make weight in the past knows how horrible the process can be. Many people will be on a strict diet, despite working out hard everyday. Gabe was able to make weight, but it certainly wasn’t easy.

Finally, the Glory!

MMA fights are probably the coolest form of a tournament you can find. These are exciting, well executed matches. You can check out more about the promotions here. Everyone who has ever thought about competing in MMA has their walk out song picked out. They have thought about the potential fight thousands of times. Not everyone will end up competing, or winning. However, training to be a well rounded martial artist is one of the best parts of MMA.

Gabe in glorious MMA battle

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