Is Training During COVID-19 Safe?

After being quarantined for months, many people are wanting to get back out and start training. But is it safe?

NYS did allow martial arts schools to reopen in July. This was part of Phase Four under the “Unorganized Sports and Recreation” category. However, they also provided guidelines for operating. Social distancing, masks, strict cleaning regulations, health screenings, and a slew of other rules were added to help keep activities safe.

Rochester Phoenix Martial Arts has chosen to stay within these regulations until they are lifted. We believe this will provide a safe and healthy training environment for everyone. As the rates of Corona Virus steadily drop, your risk of getting it will also lower. That being said, it’s important to go with your gut and to use your own best judgement. If you feel ready to come train, we welcome you and will do our best to keep things healthy and safe. If you’re not, we understand that as well.

Video programs intended for at home training will be available soon! This program, called Forged Fitness, is designed to work your martial arts skills while increasing strength, balance, body awareness, and coordination. We hope this will bridge the gap between training at home and in the training hall.

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