Striking and Kickboxing, a Brief Introduction

If getting on the ground to battle someone doesn’t sound like fun to you, striking might be your preferred martial art. These classes are high energy, work lots of cardio, and teach you how to punch, kick, block, and dodge.

What is Striking?

Any martial art that uses punches and kicks as primary attacks are considered striking arts. Defense tactics include blocks, slips, and dodges. There is also an emphasis on distance and methods to manage that distance. Each martial art will use slightly different variations of these elements.

What are Examples of Common Arts?

Some common striking arts are Kickboxing, Karate, Boxing, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Each one has different elements, philosophies, tactics, and styles. Some have uniforms, others do not. Some have the focus on fighting, while others may focus on techniques or forms. There are many arts to choose from depending on your goals.

What is Stand Up?

You may have heard terms like “stand up,” this refers to martial arts that use punches and kicks, but not active grappling. Kickboxing utilizes sets of techniques called combinations, these are organized and practiced on kick shields, heavy bags, in the air, and with partners. With time and practice, the speed and power of your combinations increases, along with your knowledge of when to use them in a combative situation.

What Happens in a Class?

Most striking classes will start with a warm up. Common warm ups are jumping rope, laps, or shadow boxing. After warm ups, it is time for instruction. The coach or Sensei will explain to the class what to do and what techniques will be practiced. Students are free to ask questions. Next drilling and practice starts. This may look like punching / kicking on kick shields, heavy bags, or it could be partner work.

If you’re looking for a martial art that increases your fitness while teaching you self defense, striking might be perfect for you.

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