Gym Membership Policy Made Simple, How to Manage It

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This is one of the things that gets brought up quite frequently. And this isn’t just something I’ve encountered at RPMA. People bring up the issue of their gym membership being hard to cancel all the time. Fitness gyms, Jiu Jitsu gyms, karate dojos, and Judo clubs all have a reputation of having difficult to cancel memberships. Why is this?

RPMA Gym Membership

First of all, the membership of our training hall is not difficult or complicated. We don’t have you battle through an army of ninjas in order to have your monthly dues stop. The most common issue we come across is people expecting their membership to stop automatically without telling us ahead of time. Our students need to give us thirty days notice for us to cancel a membership.

But You Know I’m Not There!

We have a lot of students, and while we recognize and know all of them, it isn’t always feasible to keep track of everyone’s comings and goings. I don’t know why someone might be missing. Are they working overtime? On vacation? Is their car in the shop? Canceling a membership when the student may not want it canceled doesn’t make much sense. Your membership is your responsibility, just like your uniform and belt.

How to Break A Membership

Ending a membership to any club is never easy. You might feel like you’re letting down your coaches or teammates. This can make it difficult to talk to them about canceling the membership. However, it is something you need to do. Otherwise you’ll be paying membership fees continuously for something you’re no longer using. While talking is the fastest way, you might have other options. At RPMA you can communicate however you like, including over the phone, email, text, or even a letter. As long as we know, you’re good. Not all gyms have that policy though, so make sure you check.

Make sure you understand your membership cancellation policy. We try to keep it reasonable and simple at RPMA.

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