Getting in Shape for Martial Arts?

Do you need to be in shape before you start to train? This seems to be a common issue with ex-martial artists. By that, I mean people who trained at one point, but then for one reason or another had to quit. But before coming back, they feel that they need to get in shape first. I guess the idea is to come back at the same level they had left. 

I usually picture Dragon Ball Z style training at this point and smile a little. I suppose you can get in shape by running, beating up a heavy bag, and sweating it out in a sauna. Or you could just start training in class again.

Leave the Ego with Your Shows

Don’t let ego or pride get in the way of entering the dojo/gym. If you took six months, a year, or even longer off, there is no way you’re coming back the same level you were at your prime. The same is true with any sport. But the best way to get back in shape and to start dusting off the cobwebs of your knowledge base is to start training in classes. 

You have Nothing to Prove

You don’t have anything to prove. You don’t need to submit your partners, execute a technique perfectly, or run someone off the mat with your head kicks. People who were once at the same level as you or lower are probably better or out ranking you now. You may have to sit out and catch your breath at times. You may not remember how to do that technique you were once super good at. All of this is okay.

Your Aren’t Alone

This has never been more true before now. We’ve been quarantined and taking precautions for COVID-19 since March. Many people stopped training as gyms, dojos, and training halls closed down. Now as cases are dropping, things are slowly opening again. You might be thinking about getting back to your training. Don’t worry about not being perfect when you come back. Everyone is in the same situation!

My advice for ex-martial artists looking to get back to training is to come to class! Put the ego aside and just start training again. 

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