Class Schedule for Kids and Adults

There have been some changes due to COVID, but we are coming back stronger than ever. Check out our updated class schedule.

Most programs are up and running, or will be shortly.

People who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks, unless you want to.

HEMA does not have open enrollment, please email us for more information on that program.

Students gather around Coach in kids class

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are suitable for beginners.

Students need to bring water, athletic clothing, and flip flops to class. Check out our blog for more tips! The blog is full of useful information and is great for beginners. You can also explore our sister blog here.

Schedule of Classes:

Little Kids Ages 5 – 8 : Monday – Thursday 4:30-5:30

Big Kids Ages 8 and Up : Monday – Thursday 5:30-6:30

Adult Striking : Monday and Wednesday 5:30-6:30

Adult Jiu Jitsu All Students : Monday-Thursday 6:30-7:30

Advanced Jiu Jitsu : Monday and Wednesday 7:30-9:00

Judo : Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-9:00

Contact Us With Any Questions

We want to provide convenient schedules that work for you. On average, most students train twice a week (kids and adults.) There are no limitations on classes, so you can come to as many as you like.

Our beginner classes are designed to give students a good foundation in their training. Basic concepts and skills are practiced in a fun and supportive environment. The curriculum is based on our lower belt rank requirements.

Advanced classes (blue belt and up for Jiu Jitsu) cover more difficult techniques, and the pace of the class is much higher. Students are expected to come ready to learn and work their hardest! There also tends to be more rolling (free combative practice) in the advanced classes.

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