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About Leigh and Brennan

Hi, I’m Leigh. My husband Brennan and I run Rochester Phoenix Martial Arts. Most of the time I am hanging out with our clients, writing this blog, or off practicing Karate. Brennan spends his time teaching amazing classes and working on his Batman-like skills around the training hall! We both are passionate about helping people reach their goals, overcome fear, increase their fitness, and feel better about life.

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A Blog for Martial Artists

We want to provide you with as much information about the martial arts and training as we can. What are you interested in? Feel free to send us ideas for the kind of articles you’d like to see!

Sometimes the martial arts can seem overwhelming. There’s a lot of new information out there that you’re trying to absorb. Classes seem to all have their own traditions, language, and nuances. Do you bow after class or fist bump? Do the colored uniforms mean anything? Why do we even wear uniforms? How do you actually incorporate all these martial lessons into real life? What should I do if I lose my cool on the mat? I’ve attempted to fill this blog with as much useful information for both new students and seasoned practitioners.

The martial arts truly are a lifestyle. Check out the blog and learn how this philosophical and physical hobby can change your life.

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