BJJ Membership Explained: Our Policy and Some Other Common Memberships

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Most martial art schools will have some sort of membership policy. If you have ever been to a Karate school or MMA gym in Rochester, chances are you’ve encountered some sort of membership. Every BJJ membership policy will be different. Some will be more confusing than others. Luckily, ours is simple and easy to understand!

RPMA BJJ Membership

We have classes that run four to five days a week. There are also multiple classes. Members of our training hall can attend any of the classes they want on whatever days they want. For example, if you wanted to attend striking on Monday and Weds, you can! Perhaps you’d rather attend Jiu Jitsu on those days, that is fine as well. Maybe you’d want to attend both programs! That’s fine as well. Students are encouraged to come to whatever classes he or she wants.

We charge a monthly fee, the same way a gym does. Essentially, this means you can come to as many classes as you like for that low rate. Sometimes people ask for discounts if they will only be attending one or two classes a week. Unfortunately, we do not do discounts for that. We want people to train more, not encourage them to train less! In addition, keeping track of that would be a nightmare for your humble author.

Common Membership Policies to be Aware of

Sometimes gyms and martial arts schools will have contracts. These can be anywhere from one month to over a year. For the length of time of the contract, you are obligated to pay your membership dues and be an active member of the school. Most places with contracts do so in order to force you to continue training through the difficult parts. As most experienced martial artists will tell you, there are plenty of difficulties when it comes to training.

RPMA does not have contracts. We prefer self motivated students, and honestly, if someone doesn’t want to be training we won’t force them. We do ask for thirty days notice. This is a respectful way to give us time to cancel your membership. It also gives us a chance to talk about those training difficulties and see if we can help you through them.

Understanding Memberships

It’s so important to have an understanding of your BJJ membership. It doesn’t matter what Rochester martial arts school you attend. Be aware of the membership policy before you get your heart set on signing up!

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