BJJ Black Belt: What’s Involved in Earning One?

Students learn from a BJJ black belt instructor

You might be wondering what it takes to be a BJJ black belt. You wouldn’t be alone! Lots of people enter into Jiu Jitsu classes with the eventual goal of getting their black belt. Others don’t really care or pay much attention to the belt ranks. There isn’t a right or wrong way to be on this subject.

Know the Requirements for all the Belt Ranks

Ask your instructors for the requirements. Most schools and systems should have a copy available. Knowing what is expected at each rank can help keep you on track for attaining your goals. It can also be fun to look at the future requirements as well. Knowing your requirements well will keep you moving through the ranks. You won’t advance if you don’t know what is required of you.

Jiu Jitsu Ranks are Hardcore

Getting that BJJ black belt will be a major accomplishment. Heck, even earning your first stripe is going to be tough. Personally, my 4th stripe on my BJJ white belt was one of the hardest ones for me to earn. Some systems move students through belts quickly. Different schools will have different requirements, so for example, a friend from another BJJ gym might take more or less time than you to earn rank. Even if you started at the same time. You may also find your friend in Karate may get a new belt long before you do. Find a BJJ white belt you like, because you’re going to be wearing it for awhile. BJJ ranks move slowly and the requirements are tough.

Train Like a BJJ Black Belt At Any Rank

The secret to earning your BJJ black belt is coming to class. The more you are able to train and practice, the quicker those requirements will stick. Your skills will get sharper and you will start working your way towards your end goal.

Earning a black belt in Jiu Jitsu isn’t easy, it also won’t happen overnight. However, it is possible with enough dedication, perseverance, and fortitude.

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