Gym Membership Policy Made Simple, How to Manage It

This is one of the things that gets brought up quite frequently. And this isn’t just something I’ve encountered at RPMA. People bring up the issue of their gym membership being hard to cancel all the time. Fitness gyms, Jiu Jitsu gyms, karate dojos, and Judo clubs all have a reputation of having difficult toContinue reading “Gym Membership Policy Made Simple, How to Manage It”

Self Defense Classes or Martial Arts Classes?

Self defense is an extremely important skill. It is even one of the main goals of people who take up martial arts. If you’re interested in learning how to defend yourself, you might be wondering if it would be better to take martial arts lessons or a self defense class. Time and Availability Your skillsContinue reading “Self Defense Classes or Martial Arts Classes?”

BJJ Membership Explained: Our Policy and Some Other Common Memberships

Most martial art schools will have some sort of membership policy. If you have ever been to a Karate school or MMA gym in Rochester, chances are you’ve encountered some sort of membership. Every BJJ membership policy will be different. Some will be more confusing than others. Luckily, ours is simple and easy to understand!Continue reading “BJJ Membership Explained: Our Policy and Some Other Common Memberships”

Rochester Sports and Martial Arts: Why You Need to Start Training

When we are in school, we easily have access to a variety of sport and recreational options. You may have even played on a Rochester sports team. However, as we get older and graduate from school and college, our options suddenly become limited. How can we still have that sports team feeling and camaraderie? KnowContinue reading “Rochester Sports and Martial Arts: Why You Need to Start Training”

Rochester BJJ Community: The Importance of Finding a Hobby

Finding a hobby as an adult isn’t easy, but it is super important. Hobbies bring us together and help us forge friendships. Why should you consider trying out Jiu Jitsu as a hobby? Let’s take a look at the Rochester BJJ community: Jiu Jitsu Will Increase Your Fitness Much of our day to day lifeContinue reading “Rochester BJJ Community: The Importance of Finding a Hobby”

Is Training During COVID-19 Safe?

After being quarantined for months, many people are wanting to get back out and start training. But is it safe? NYS did allow martial arts schools to reopen in July. This was part of Phase Four under the “Unorganized Sports and Recreation” category. However, they also provided guidelines for operating. Social distancing, masks, strict cleaningContinue reading “Is Training During COVID-19 Safe?”

Striking Program

If you’re looking for a high energy class that also teaches fighting skills, our striking program might be for you. Punching, kicking, and agility skills are essential for MMA. This program will also compliment other martial arts styles and fill in some gaps other arts may have. Striking is also great for stress management. ClassContinue reading “Striking Program”