A Brief Uniform Guide

One of the fun things about martial arts – for kids and some adults – is the cool uniform you get to wear!

We have uniforms for a few reasons. One is because it’s traditional, and the martial arts celebrate tradition and history within the classes.

However, the uniform also has a very practical use as well. In arts like BJJ and Judo, the uniform is designed to withstand the rigors of training. It won’t rip when grabbed and yanked. It also helps keep things fair in competition. If one person has a loose fitting uniform, it will make it far easier for their opponent to grab it and complete their throw or sweep.

In Karate, a thick uniform acts as a training tool. Listening to the SNAP sound that a uniform makes when you throw a technique helps indicate how sharp and strong the punch or kick was.

Aikido has a unique uniform as well. Since it doesn’t need to be as strong as a Karate or Judo uniform, these are a lot lighter. The sleeves are short enough to not get in the way during weapon work. The knees on the pants are reinforced for some of the kneeling work.

The uniforms might seem odd and confusing at first, but they are important! We can help get you the perfect uniform for whatever training you decide to take on.

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